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Thank you pack themes retirement

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The Thank you pack was the first theme pack to be added to the site way back in/on (2014/08/09) 7 years ago as of making this post.

As I am in the process of updating all themes on the size, I am also seeing what is no longer used and unfortunately over the many years of neglect this themes pack has had no love.

As such almost all themes have no users. This means the theme pack will be removed.

I have decided that any of the theme that have even 1 use will be keeped but will be moved to a new set of theme packs i have started creating.

RIP Thank you pack of 2014.

Thank you all for your support

Information on pack:

This pack was made back in 2014 as a thank you to all my users who had been waiting for me to create and publish a fully working site that listed every theme I had created with a link for easy use.

This consisted of 12 themes and was the first to adopt the 12 theme limmet and max. I found from creating the Date a Live themes (My first ever themes created) that having 30+ themes on a page ment it was quite laggy and not easy to use.

This page helped set the standard of 12 themes minimum for theme creation and also a limit to start with until I could work something out to help with the lagg for bigger pages.

These themes and the site were well received and a lot of positivity came from this. but alas they have not held up well over the last 7 years.

The decline of these themes started when I started making more themes for dedicated anime VI, a requests poll I ran where users could (and still can) request new anime themes.

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