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New theme style update/change fro feedback...

Hello everyone,

For those who didn't notice on December 4th 2022, I updated the themes for Fullmetal Alchemist. However the update was a bit different than the others.

I have had mixed feedback on the style changes I have been making and as such I have been messing around and have come up with a new style that should meet both needs. This changes from the white tabs and one see through to them all being see through like they were before.

The first change is an update to the alignment of the image as changes google have made have shifted it out of alignment with the tabs.

The second change is that the other tabs will have a dark overlay so that the text is easier to read. This fixes most of the issues with the older one but not all of them.

- I think these changes should be enough to satisfy all users. Those of the old style and those of the new style.

Thanks all

New style:

Example of the new (2020 ish) but mixed feedback style:

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