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About the site and how it came to be

2009 to 2012:
GCat was created back in 2009 as a HTML site. In 2010 a Facebook page was created for the site as development was moving along. At this point in time, the site was meant to be a sort of Fan made Wiki but by the end of 2012 this had all but been dropped with Wikipedia becoming more known to me.​

At the start of 2013 i was fascinated with Google chrome and how themes worked as at the time no other browser allowed the user to make and share themes ect.​
Around mid 2013, I started creating my first set of themes named Date a live (released in November of 2013). During this I decided to repurpose my site to host images of the new themes i had made with links to the store but found it was too much for me in HTML to maintain and update.​

In late 2013 I found this Wix site and after some messing around I found it to be much better and a lot faster to build pages and display content. It was also free, which helped with the choice.
Not long after this i made my site from a template and GCat was Officially born on Wix as a themes site.​​

2015 to 2016:
During these two years I was attending college and had a lot of free time which I decided to put into the making of the site and more themes.
One of the things I messed with giving pages background images to make them more personal to the anime ect. This lead to pages been changed quite ofted, making the experience for the user some what anoying.

Near the end of 2016 I came up with a new design that not only made it faster to make themes but also made them more accessible and friendly, allowing for text to be easier to see and read. I decided this needed to be applied to all existing themes and would be a huge undertaking.

After making these new and big changes to the site i found that pages having there own images made the site run quite slow.
I also found that there were quite a few errors across the site, and the more i looked at it, I was not fully happy with some of the ideas i had put in so more changes were made.

By this point I had been making themes and site changes non stop for 2.5ish years. 
To which point I had tired myself out and decided to take a break. A break that ended up lasting a lot longer than I had planned.

As time has gone on, I have gotten a job and started YouTube. As such I have been putting less and less time into the site and themes.

This is when the site underwent a change from a bright and colorful site to a black/dark themed site.

Currently (as of 2022) the updating of all the old themes to the new design is still ongoing. The creation of new themes is also ongoing. The only change here is that things for the site are very slow. I do hope to improve this at some point and to start making more and finally finishing the updating of the old ones.

The above dates may not be compleaty accurate, so please look throught the News section as this has all the posts and dates they were made ect.