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Site updates, corrections and fixs

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hello everyone,

The following has been changed on the site.


My little pony G4 creation date change, Was 2021/05/23, now 2021/05/21


Black boxes under themes on the A-to-Z page. (Image below)

Site update:

Change of the layout/look of the titles on theme pages. (Image below)

Anime themes: Current anime count removed from page.

Anime themes: Re-ordered so newest is at the top.

Special events theme: names on pages changed. Example (Was: Christmas anime theme for 2017, Now: Christmas 2017 anime themes)

Special events theme: Christmas themes re-ordered so newest as it top rather than oldest 2014.

Navigation bar text made bigger for ease of reading.

Theme counter removed from theme pages

Home page: The latest themes change to newest theme.

- This was also flipped so image on left now.

- The text for this was also made much bigger for ease of reading.

- Title texts in bold.

Home page: Top 6 most viewed theme pages changed to Latest

Home page: Navigation help change to Navigation explained.

- Text size made bigger for ease of reading.

Face book and My anime list icons/links removed from page footer.

Copy right change from 2021 to 2022.

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