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Domain and site name change

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hello everyone,

We come to both a sad but also happy day. As some of you may have seen, the site's ads and URL/address have changed.

As of today 2023/02/23, the site will be moving from the standard Wix URL to a custom one.

With this change ads will be removed and the URL will be much shorter and easier to remember.

With this in mind I had some issues trying to get GCat as a domain name, in the format I wanted. It seems others are also using this name and some for things that are now SFW.

With this in mind I think it was time for a name change, to which I have gone with Braix as it is my name all over the web and the available domains were better. Also if you were to put in the wrong domain name e.g .com or .biz you're not greeted with some NSFW content.

New address

As such, from today the site will be

I am not sure as to when this will take effect and I am sure that the links on the google chrome store will break but I will try to pass the word around where possible.

Look of the site

I have not yet decided on how or if I am going to change the site title name, however for those who have been with the site for a long time it may just be better to leave (Google Chrome Anime Themes) as the title for the time being.

Site going forward

Just to clarify this move is from a slow, free, wix site, to a paid site with support from wix when I have issues, which does happen every now and then.

THe site moving from free to a paid site shold re-sure you all that i am still here and working on things, and that i have NOT abandoned it as some users have emailed me about over the last year or so.

If any of you have any feedback or ideas, please use the contact/help page to send me an email and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your time and understanding

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