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Additional site changes plus dark mode

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hello all,

Navigational changes:

Regarding the Navigational changes i posted about back on the 25th of August, I had some issues with how it looked and some problems with how some of the content was been delivered. As such i decided to hold on to releasing the changes until i was happy with them and the issues were fixed.

FYI all the Navigational changes will still be coming.

Dark mode:

In doing to i was also able to move the site into a custom dark mode making it less blinding. this in turn should be better for your eyes.

Parts of the site such as the footer, header and News sections will still be on white as i think this looks better (personally).

Additional changes list:

- homepage redesign

The removal of the Latest and Navigation explained been removed.

The Newest themes was renamed to Latest theme.

- Header and footer

Made fully white

Colours change for interaction:

- - Colour of page on now pink

- - Hover colour now blue

- - unselected tabs Charcoal black

Change to spacing and location of items

- Titles

The size of titles has been increased for better accessibility.

Hope you all like the new changes.

Thanks all

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