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Changing again...?!

Hello everyone all of you who follow me and read my post will know that I have just finished a changing the sites look back in May. However Wix has released some new web parts that make my life so much easer however in order to have them on my site and fully working I have to rebuild the site.

I am glad this is almost done now however there is still much more work in the pipe line. I will update you all on this as time goes on.

The site has not change the way it works, for the most part. Updates have been change and made easer to view, read, like and comment on. It now also looks like a part of the site rather than an eye sore.

Site changes include:

  • Updated look

  • changes to site navigation

  • More information and explanations of what to do and how to do it.

  • Easer to use "Updates" section.

  • The changing of the names of some sections like the "Updates" witch was called "information and updates"

  • Main fonts have been changed to a more readable font that is consistent across the site.

  • Test sizes have been increased.

  • Hit boxes for links on thanks has been made bigger to help users not have to try and get there mouse in the right location just to click a link.

I hope you all like this new version of the site when I release it.

Thanks very much all

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