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Removal of the 1600x900 themes

Hello everyone, Sorry to be there bearer of bad news however i will now no longer bee making this size of theme.

I will also be removing this size of theme from the chrome store.

Hold on a sec... Not every theme...

So, any 1600x900 theme that has over 50 users will NOT be removed from the store.

These themes will be relocated on my website too. You will find them at the bottom of the page under the heading of "One offs".

I do apologises to those odd few who have screens at this size/resolution however your so few in numbers that i just can not justify the time anymore.

On a positive note...

- By doing this I should be able to not only update themes faster but i should also be able to make more faster... yey??

- Also if enough interest is shown in a theme and a lot of users are requesting one of them to be in 1600x900 i am willing to make them and add one to the "One offs".

Anyhow sorry for the bad news. Stay well and safe.

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