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Layout changes to new themes

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hello everyone,

Due to the reduction of sizing been made and that any additional sizes now appear at the bottom of the page there is a large amount of room that has appeared on the themes them self’s (where the size is displayed).

As such I have redesigned this to match the one standard size and moved the numbering down along with some minor changes too.

List of changes:

- Theme size moved to right side

- Theme number moved down into free space

- Theme number shortened to two digits link rather than 3

- Spacing between each item reduced from 22px to 19

- Display images made a little bigger

Regarding the numbering been 3 digits long was because when I started making themes in all 3 sizes there was some indications that some anime’s may get over 100+ themes so I wanted to future proof the themes but then never happened.

These updates will be applied to all new themes and to a few old themes that have no 1366 sized themes.

Here is a hint at the next anime coming to GCat:

Can you guess the anime?

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