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BRS themes and site update

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Black Rock Shooter (BRS) themes

The BRS themes have now all been updated again to fall in line with the older style but updated and realigned with the top task bar.

Site updates and fixes

I have also gone live with a few other changes, one being the header and footer. You may also notice the ‘Stan themes’ has been removed from the standard themes section as it was pointless.

Broken images

As a part of the site's update I have been working on cleaning up and sorting out files in the back end of the site. In doing so I was able to organize a lot and make things much easier going forward.

However in doing so it turned out some of the images i was using around the site were being stored in the recycle bin and as such when i emptied it images broke across the site, including in live which was not what I wanted.

Other changes

There are still things around the site that need fixing and finishing such as links to original images used as this seems to only work since some and others are missing images from their lists. I am hoping to update this as I update the anime they relate to as I am adding and removing themes as I go.

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