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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Sorry all, I decided to take a brake however it lasted much longer than i though it would. As such I have been away from themes for over a year.

After working on chrome themes for many years without taking a brake it. Themes started to decline in quality and the fun and enjoyment had gone and this felt more like work.

I hope you all can understand, I do this for fun and like they say in gambling when the fun stops... well you can work out the rest.

To those waiting for the new styles or the release of new themes I extend my apologises.

Altho I am now back updating and making themes again, I will not be doing full time work on anymore as i will just down tools again. I also now have a full time job so themes will only be updated and new ones made as and when i have time.

Thanks very much all

New theme sneak peek XD

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