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This is a slowly growing list of anime google chrome themes that i am making and putting together all in one place for easy finding. Simply click on an image below to navigate to that themes page where you will find a list of all the themes I have made that relate to the anime in question.

The below list is sorted by date created (Newest at the top)

OP 16.png
One piece

Created: 2024/01/01

MKDM - 08.png
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Created: 2022/04/17

1280-800 image 01.png
Guilty Crown

Created: 2017/03/09

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Created: 2016/06/28

Assassination Classroom

Created: 2016/03/20

1280-800 image 01.png
High Schools DxD

Created: 2015/05/31

1280-800 image 01.png
Heaven's Lost Property

Created: 2015/02/24

Black Rock Shooter

Created: 2015/01/22

DAL - 01.jpg
Date A Live

Created: 2013/11/03

DS - 23.jpg
Demon Slayer

Created: 2023/04/25

MLP G4 - 09.png
My Little Pony Gen4

Created: 2021/05/21

Hon 14.png
Houkago No Pleiades

Created: 2016/08/14

Miraculous Ladybug

Created: 2016/05/17

1280-800 image 01.png
Sword Art Online

Created: 2016/01/24

1280-800 image 01.png
Fate Stay Night

Created: 2015/04/09

1280-800 image 01.png
Miku And Friends

Created: 2015/02/19

1280-800 image 01.png
Girls Und Panzer

Created: 2015/01/14

TTIGRAAS - 05.jpg
Reincarnated as a slime

Created: 2022/11/18


Created: 2018/05/06

Boku 07.png

Created: 2016/07/02

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Created: 2016/05/07

No Game No Life

Created: 2015/09/05

1280-800 image 01.png

Created: 2015/03/18

Accel World

Created: 2015/02/11

1280-800 image 01.png
FullMetal Alchemist

Created: 2014/02/09

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